Winter don’t forget to shut the door on your way out.

18th March 2018

Here in the East of England we mostly find the weather gentle.  Summers are dry compared to the westerly parts of the country and most years winter arrives and leaves in a timely fashion.

This year it would appear that winter has lost his manners and is overstaying his welcome.  Like an awkward guest at a party, struggling to say goodbye.  Uncertain if he has perfomed his guestly duty in full.  Reaching for his coat but not wanting to look in a rush.

The cold temperatures and wintery showers are at odd with the lengthening days and this snow weekend made for some incredbile light.  Bleak and clear.  Bitterly cold but rather wonderful to walk in (as long as all extremities are fully covered).

To my surprise I’m not complaining all that much.  I’ll take snow over rain most days and even the sludgy greyness of it seems less depressing when accompanied by a few more hours of daylight.  More time to gaze at sparkling icicles and crunch across frozen fields.

Of course, all that said, I’ll not be sad to see the back of this long season, my arms are open and ready to welcome the arrival of Spring.  So don’t be shy winter, take that step across the threshold.  You were a splendid guest this year, you really went large.  But it’s time to go home.  The party’s over.  And don’t forget to shut the door as you leave.


This second round of snow was actually quite pleasing: no disruptions to daily life (at least here in the south) and bright, crisp landscapes well into the afternoon. I’d been yearning for spring for a while but could not resist enjoying the snow and those wintery feelings for one last time. Let’s hope there’s no Beast from the East III, though.

Beautiful photography and words!

Milenka x
Blushing Lately

It did feel like a last hooray and I am so happy that it now seems a distant memory and Spring seems to have fully arrived.

It is snowing again now and I am so fed up with it, especially the intense cold. I want the earth in the garden to dry out and warm up so that I may sow some seeds. Stay warm.

Yes! I’m so ready to start sprucing up the garden and my poor little early spring bulbs are looking very sad out there. The daffodils all droopy and tired and I spotted some exhausted looking hyacinths trying to shake off the snow.

Try coming over to the west! Winter is a right old party pooper here…

Lovely to see you here Mrs! I’m so over winter. It’s being particularly thick skinned this year, can’t it see we’ve all had enough?!


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