My Week Of Happy

16th October 2018

Three small things that brought me happiness last week.

Autumn leaves

A snippet of Acer slowly decaying in a vase.  The afternoon light dancing through the leaves, casting shadows on the wall.


small things that bring happiness

Porridge Season

Well obviously you can eat porridge all year round but somehow Autumn is when it seems most proper.  Currently loving blueberry studded creamy oats with swirls of maple syrup and almond butter.


seasonal porridge

Vintage pillow cases

A friend came to dinner a few weeks ago and brought me vintage linen pillow cases instead of wine.  They make me smile every time I see them.  Soft, worn linen with delicate lacy edges.  So much better than a bottle of wine.


vintage linen pillows






Love the top photo. The light, the shadows and the peace it evokes.


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