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Hi, I'm Rebecca, a brand photographer in Essex

I speak with a Belfast accent, love dogs, coffee, cook books and am a passionate chaser of light. I live on the edge of Essex in the small coastal town of Harwich.

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Before I was a photographer I was a maker with a range of textile based gifts and before that I worked in the darkroom of a large photo library. Yes, a darkroom. It was a while ago.

I am a Northern Irish girl which basically means I come from a long line of story tellers. My business name stems from an old knitting blog which combined my love of knitting with posh fibres and my desire to tell stories. These days I tell the stories with my camera.

Emotive Brand Photography For People Who Love What They Do

A Little History

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Why I love brands with soul

My personal branding photography is focused on makers and creatives because I spent 10 years as a designer maker, selling my range of handmade products through my own website and various online marketplaces, including Not On The High Street and Etsy. That's why I am passionate about natural, beautiful brand photography for makers, creatives, and small brands. This is the world I know and love.


Sometimes I make videos just for myself, if you are standing around waiting for the kettle to boil, you can watch it and get a glimpse of my rock 'n roll weekends.

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Natural Family Photography


Of all the photographs sitting in my shoe box and filling my albums, it is the ordinary, every day moments that make my heart beat faster. When my children come home and we get out the boxes, the ones they want to see are of messy, berry stained faces and water fights in the garden, reading books together on the sofa and laughing in the garden. We do have a few studio portraits hung upon the wall, but they are not the photographs that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Telling Everyday Stories For Families And Brands