Rose And Thyme

11th November 2018

When my friend Anne Marie recommended Tinkture Gin, I was cautious.  The moment she said the word rose, I felt wary, memories of cheap chocolate covered Turkish Delight sprang to mind, something that I’ve never really been able to like, especially as my Dad (a fantastic teller of tall tales to small children) once told me it was made from rat’s blood.  It took me years to put that cloying, sticky, taste out of my head and indeed I did not truly think well of rose flavours until I actually went to Turkey and enjoyed a handmade square of Turkish Delight alongside a tiny cup of thick, dark coffee.French 75 Gin Cocktail


Anne Marie assured me there was nothing cloying about Tinkture gin, so when we came across it on our recent visit to St Ives and I saw for myself just how beautiful the bottle was… well, I was sold (or rather Mr L was, because I leave all actual gin purchasing to him, only encouraging as required).

Tinkture Gin is made with fresh rose petals.  It is elegant, delicate and thoughtful.  It is glass of all that is soft and gentle about summer.  It’s a lazy afternoon in June, you are in the garden, on an old wool blanket.  You have piles of cushions, a favourite book by your side (I Capture The Castle would be my choice) and the sunlight is dancing through the leaves above as the scent of roses carries on the breeze.

I am a summer girl.  I wouldn’t swap one single one of the seasons and I am so glad that I live in four season country.  But…. summer is my favourite, summer is the one I want to like to linger in and it is summer memories that carry me through the darker days of Autumn and Winter.

Tinkture gin is made in Cornwall by Hannah and her small team.  It is thoughtfully hand-crafted and beautifully presented.  Made using organically grown rose petals and available in a gorgeous brown glass bottle, re-fillable of course.

vintage glass with champagne cocktail

Mr L mixed me this riff on a French 75.  Flavoured with Thyme infused sugar syrup.  I promise it only takes a few minutes extra to make up the sugar syrup and it is absolutely worth the effort.

[kindred-recipe id=”606″ title=”French 75 With Rose And Thyme”]


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