Hadleigh, Suffolk Personal Branding Photographer (Nutritionist Emma Jamieson)

16th February 2023

One of my favourite people.  I first met Emma a good few years ago through knitting.  I had just moved from the depths of rural North Wales down to sunny Suffolk and was lucky enough to find some fellow knitters amongst the playground mums.  Most of us were still very much tied up in full time child-care and are regular morning knitting sessions were the social highpoint of my life right then.  As the years progressed, our children grew older and many of us began to re-train or return to work, the regular knitting fell by the wayside (though I am happy to report we have recently begun to meet again, but now it’s fortnightly in a country pub, needles and beer rather than coffee and yarns).

Emma was one the knitters to take the re-training route.  A former language graduate working in the world of wine and marketing, she went back to education to study her passion and is now a pretty darned fabulous registered nutritionist and health coach.

It took years of juggling parenting, work and study and I think that gives you an insight into her determination of spirit and the passion she has for her subject.

When she asked me to take her branding photographs I was both thrilled and nervous, as a cherished friend I wanted to be sure she would love her images.  It was the first time I had photographed a non-maker in this way.  I was used to photographing makers and artists as went through their day.  The documentary approach is so well suited to this relaxed day in the life style approach to branding photography and worried it might not flow in the same way.

What I learned is that it’s not so much what people do, but rather the passion with which they do it.  Photographing a nutritionist was just like photographing an artist.  Emma is absolutely passionate about her craft.  She lives and breathes her subject, begin talking to her about gut health and see her eyes light up.

Emma says “It now brings me great pleasure to help other women suffering from long-standing digestive issues. Together we work to understand what is causing their problems and help them rediscover the joy of eating.”

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Emma twice now, initially as a part of a personal branding session and more recently we worked together to create the photography for her e-book A Celebration Of Colour.  The book contains recipes packed to the brim with colour and taste, a feast for all the senses and my absolute pleasure to photograph the beautiful dishes.

To find out more about Emma please visit her website – www.emmajamieson.co.uk

Find out more about my personal branding photography for makers, creatives and people who are passionate about what they do – BRANDS



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