Slow Sunday Winter Warmer

13th February 2019

I know some people love to go out on a Sunday, but not me. My perfect Sunday is slow and gentle.  It ideally involves never getting in the car at all.  In fact, ideally I leave the house for nothing other than an extra long dog walk through the nearby fields and woods.

Tinkture Gin Hot Toddy Recipe

My perfect Sunday starts at the kitchen table with piles of books and all the coffee. Then that long walk in the countryside and back home to begin the sort of cooking that Sundays lend themselves too.  Slow pottering, roasting, peeling, simmering.  Nothing hurried.  Food that is as pleasureable to prepare as it is eat.

blueberries and cinnamon

And we never eat Sunday lunch at lunchtime it’s more of a Linner.  A happy combination of lunch and dinner.  To be eaten at 4ish or so.

Tinkture Gin hot toddy in vintage glass
Gin Hot Toddy

This sort of kitchen tinkering requires a cocktail to replace the normal afternoon cup of tea and happily my Technical Advisor Mr L is pretty handy in the cocktail department.

This hot toddy was a definite win, in fact it almost makes me wish winter could last a little longer.

[kindred-recipe id=”738″ title=”Tinkberry Warmer – A Gin Toddy”]


This sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! Especially with a gin tipple in hand! If only every day of the week could be this wonderfully slow… although I suppose it wouldn’t be as special then! Thank you for this gin recommendation – hopefully I will come across it at a gin bar at some point soon!

Milenka x
Blushing Lately


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