Seasonal Ebb And Flow

11th October 2017

Right now October is looking most especially splendid in Suffolk.  The hillsides and woodlands are alight with red and gold leaves and the light is soft and warm.  I love the changing seasons, it sort of blows my mind to think about living in some other corner of the world without the ticking clock of the four seasons to pace me evenly throughout the year.  Most of the time I am entirely ready to usher one season out the door and welcome in the new, although I occasionally do wish some were a little shorter or, in the case of the summer just passed, longer.  Nonetheless, I certainly wouldn’t want to give a single one up.  No, not even those darkest months when I’m so conscious of the lack of light and brevity of the days.

goodbye summer, hello autumn

It does have to be said that this year I took longer than normal to embrace Autumn.  September did not deliver the sort of long fading days of summer that I have come to expect and I wasn’t quite ready for the leaves to turn and the shadows to lengthen.  Then October breezed in I suddenly found my Autumnal groove.  The pleasure of lighting candles in the late afternoon, the long, soft shadows and the precious golden afternoon light.

And October can be such a bountiful month.  My children are way too grown up for a nature table project but the habit has persisted within me and each season sees a change in the objects displayed around our home.  I just can’t take a walk without stuffing something into my pocket and even at the age of (well let’s not go into that actually), but even as a fully paid up adult, I still have pockets full of conkers, crabapples and rosehips.

beautiful October light

All that said, it is with some trepidation that I consider the shorter days ahead.  I crave daylight and here in Suffolk, November can often be distinctly lacking.  It can be a month of dark, damp fog and somehow lacks the cosiness and cheer of December.  So at this time of year I make a point of pausing to savour those really special moments of light, storing them up as mental ballast for any grey days to come.

autumnal gourds and a celebration of the seasons


So as I ponder this, I am wondering if other people feel the same way?  Do you embrace each season, are there months, or even whole seasons that you could happily skip?







Rebecca, your photographs are beautiful. I have started, with gentle intent, to have a look at old favourite blogs like yours (albeit in new places) and yours is looking good!

Thank you so much Else, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I’m hoping to properly return to blogging this year so it’s really lovely to know someone is reading!

You write so beautifully. I was so excited to see one of your posts come up on my news feed!
I absolutely couldn’t do without any of the seasons now, other than grey days that I find quite hard when they hang around for a little too long, I love the changing seasons. Hope you’re well x

Oh Els! You lovely thing, thank you, you’ve made me grin from ear to ear, so nice to know someone is reading.

I would happily skip dark, damp Winter but sharp, bright Winter is wonderful.

Yes, I’m in complete agreement. I love those crisp, clear days and winter sunshine is such a special treat. Could definitely do with out dark, damp foggy days.


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