On a Suffolk Evening

25th June 2017

We’ve been walking in the evenings.  The days have been too hot for the hound.  He came from the North of England and we always joke that he isn’t used to these Southern temperatures.  During the day he pants his way from room to room.  Lazy and uncomfortable in the heat.  He seeks out the shadowy corners of the house and sleeps all day long.



But as evening arrives he comes alive once more and greets the opening of the gate with joy.  I love these evening walks, that sense of the day going on forever, the different sounds and smells of the landscape.  As we make our way down the lane the soft light bathes us gently, still warm but not draining.  The tarmac beneath our feet radiates the heat of the day and then then we reach the fields and woodland and the air feels fresh and clean.



The dog, adores these walks.  It’s head down and tail up, his joy radiates as he eagerly follows the scents of the day.



We walk slower and longer than we normally would and arrive home feeling calm and soothed, a mediation of sorts.



Very beautiful Rebecca, in every way. A stunning blog. x

Thank you so much Gabriella, I’m really pleased with it, as you know, I was going back and forth on what to do blog wise, but clarity struck all of a sudden. Feels good to be making a fresh start.


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