My Week Of Happy

5th December 2018

I’m drowning in work and life right now and it definitely feels like there is not enough space just to pause and be… So this is definitely a good week to take a moment to reflect on the small things that made me happy.  Because it’s just three things and even in the craziest of weeks I can find three things and be glad I acknowledged them.

winter berries on a branch


The seasonal shift.  I’m so grateful for each and every one of the four seasons.  Sure I sometimes wish one was shorter or another longer, but I would not give up a single one.  I love that feeling of one season gently transitioning into the next.  That sense of the earth turning, nature marking time.  Right now winter is stepping slowly through the door ready to take her place.  The sun has settled lower in the sky, the trees are bare, their branches stark and elegant.  It feels so good to see my world in a fresh new light.

still life of flowers and books

A beautiful book.  I love a coffee table book.  The sort of book that is filled with gorgeous pictures, plenty of white space on the page and well chosen words.  Books that don’t strain my eye or thoughts.  Books that can be dipped in and out of at will, undemanding but fulfilling in their way.  Books to gently sooth and inspire.


naked earl grey cake on vintage plate


Matilda’s 16th birthday cake.  I though I didn’t have time, I felt I should have been working.  But I stepped away from the studio and spent a few hours baking and decorating a cake.  Kitchen pottering of the very best kind.  The work didn’t go anywhere and still got completed, it turned out that a few hours of doing something else was exactly what I needed.  And the cake?  The cake was declared a success.  Earl Grey sponge with lemon buttercream and raspberry jam.  A cream tea of a cake.  Plus, it’s absolutely enormous and therefore still brightening up my morning coffee three days later.


A beautiful post and that cake?!! Mmm… clever you. And thanks for the inspiration… I need to slow down a bit!x


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