Springing into life

9th April 2019

I swear I declare at least 4 times a year that this very moment right now, the season I’m in at that very second, is my favourite of them all.  I’m a fickle girl of course.  And I would not give up one single one of our four delicious seasons, I savour each of them, enjoying all that they offer and tiring just in time for the next one to come along.  Each entirely necessary, without one there could not be another.  The slow months essential to support the energy that will follow.  The ebb and flow.  The cycle of our year.

slow living blogI never realise quite how much the winter months supress me until spring blows in.  As the sun climbs a little higher in the sky each day, I feel myself begin to unfurl and stretch upwards.  Exactly like those soft leaves beginning to uncurl on the trees outside my window and the fresh green shoots pushing up through the cool dark earth.

creative, seasonal livingSpring’s life force begins to flow through my veins, her energy radiating through my physical and mental well being.  The projects I’ve procrastinated and fretted over suddenly start to take life, their heartbeat quickens and I wonder whatever the problem was, why did they sit quietly stagnant for so long?

Last week I finally set live my Photography and Film Packages.  I’ve fumbled over this for weeks.  People have asked about costs, even booked me for shoots and yet still I couldn’t quite commit to making it all real and official.  As April arrived I suddenly sprinted into action, spurred on the by the sight of the tulip leaves suddenly pushing impatiently through the muddy ground.  It’s not perfect but as the sun climbs higher in the sky it somehow lights the way.  I can now see quite clearly that done is so much better than perfect.  I can tweak and add as I go along, it can and should evolve along the way.

seasonal slow livingI wonder if spring is the most creative of all the seasons?  How many projects come to life in spring?  The more I ponder this, the more natural it seems.  I’ve often thought the new year would be much better suited to starting in September, in line with the academic year we are all so familiar with.  A good time to turn the page and make some plans.

I’m beginning to question that idea because right now, at this very moment, I feel myself ready to start anew.   Having emberged from the sleepy winter months rested and re-charged I am now ready to embrace the long growing season ahead.  A few months of energetic growth and plans will then slow gently into summer.  The time to settle that growth, tie in those strong main branches and gently trim the whippy, aimless shoots. The bedding in days.  Time to see what works and what must go.  Feeding up and watering, preparing for the gathering in that will come with autumn.

seasonal slow living blog post

So right now, as I put my energies into growing a whole new business, with all the excitement and nervousness that goes hand in hand with that, right now, this is my favourite season.  Before all others.  Until the next one.

seasonal living and working


Spring is assuredly a wonderful time for all those nascent projects to begin taking shape. I’m so delighted that your photo/film packages are live – off for a look now. Xx

Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement dear Vanessas and I really hope Spring is spreading her energy your way too x

It’s a beautiful season to make a fresh start.. and I love your photos!


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