A Beginning – With Amanda Banham Ceramics

3rd March 2020

It’s almost a year since I filmed Amanda Banham at work in her studio in Saffron Walden, but I remember every detail as though it was yesterday.  Amanda is a ceramicist and story teller but truly this doesn’t even begin to do her justice.  She properly oozes creativity and is a joy to be around.  Amanda makes magical, whimsical, beautiful creations.  Houses made of clay, complete with stories of the occupants.  Illustrated bowls and plates and joyous rainbows.  Her work is infused with imagination and beauty and it was an absolute privilege to film her at work.


This film is so very dear to my heart.  It marks a beginning, the start of my photography and film business and the turning of a page, the first sentence of a new chapter.

In fact, in many ways it is picking up a journey that really started way back in the day!  Somewhere in a Camden darkroom in 1993, my very first proper job straight out of University.  Checking dupes for specks of dust, learning what made a good photograph, when to dodge and burn and checking, checking, checking for dust.  It’s funny how sometimes we come full circle.

And so, making this film last year was the moment when I dared to let a tiny seed of an idea begin to grow.  The moment I allowed my dream the freedom to spread her wings and lift me up.

It’s only been a year, but I’ve actually come such a long way in that year.  In fact if I made this film today I would probably film a little differently, I’ve learned so much, my technique has improved and I have a fancy new favourite lens to boot.  In terms of editing I finally stopped resisting Premiere Pro and I keep pushing myself to learn something new with every film I make however, this film still remains very precious to me and makes me smile every time I watch.

It marks the beginning of discovering exactly what I wanted this new business to look like.  The sort of stories I wanted to tell, the people I wanted to work with.  Amanda embodies all of that, wonderful creatives full to bursting with heart and soul and stories to share.    Over the last year I have been overwhelmed by the amazing people who have welcomed me into their studios and trusted me to help them tell their story through my lens.

Amanda is a ceramicist and story teller.  She is friendly, welcoming and fizzes with creative energy.  I could not have wished for a better start to my journey and I am so happy that I got to make this film and share a little of her story with the world.  If for some crazy reason you have not yet come across her work then go seek her out right now – Amanda Banham Ceramics

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