Essex Brand Photographer – Amberley Studio

3rd November 2023

An Essex Brand Photography Session With Amberley Studio Design

On a sunny day in August I was lucky enough to photograph the interior designer Alix Stoney of Amberley Studio at her home and garden studio nestled deep in the Essex countryside.  One thing all of my brand photography clients have in common is an absolute passion for what they do.  Alix lives and breathes design, her attention to detail and immersion in her subject was evident throughout her home and studio.  It was my joy to work with her on this personal branding shoot and help her create a library of story telling brand images that communicate her skill and creativity..

Planning A Personal Branding Shoot

Whilst my photographic approach is documentary and therefore flexible and adaptive on the day, it is important, especially for service based businesses, that we have some sort of plan in place.  Every shoot involves a detailed call or Zoom meeting to discuss your brand, talk about your website and your goals and make sure that I really understand your business and your image needs.  As part of the planning process I will normally look at your website and social media, discuss your existing imagery and talk about your marketing plans and requirements.  The process is highly collaborative and following our initial meeting clients often have some work to do in terms of thinking about things they require imagery for over the coming months.  For example blog topics, future newsletters, goods or services they want to promote and so on.  Alix absolutely embraced this part of the planning and came up with a brilliant list of blog topics and things she intended to talk about over the coming months.  This gave us so much to work with and I was able to create a detailed shot list to ensure she had a bank of imagery to support her business.

Brand Stories

The unique aspect of every small business is their story, it’s the thing that connects them with their audience and makes the working with them or purchasing from them a truly personal and meaningful experience and good brand photography should help you share that story.  Learning my clients stories is one of the best parts of my job.  When I first spoke to Alix via our Zoom call, I got to witness the moment her eyes lit up and the animation that came into her voice as she talked about her business.  Alix is passionate about creating the feeling of home, she listens carefully to her clients and creates designs that encapsulate that feeling of home, designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.  Creating spaces that can be really lived in.

It made total sense that her brand shoot should take place in both her home and garden office.  These spaces perfectly illustrate her design principles and expertise and the resulting photographs give prospective clients a strong idea of what it feels like to work with Alix.

I loved every minute of this shoot.  I know I always say this, but I am forever humbled by my clients, it is such a privilege to be welcomed into someones space and to take a photograph and I will never take it for granted.  Thank you Amberley Studio for choosing me as your brand photographer.

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