6th July 2017

Do you ever find it hard to focus?  I’m having one of those odd sort of days when I can’t seem to settle to anything.  Thursday afternoons are normally set aside for working on new products and ideas.  A time to plan ahead, be creative, organise thoughts and play with fabrics.



I look forward to Thursday afternoons all week.  During busy periods Thursday afternoons are the first thing to go and over the last few weeks, for one reason or another, Thursday afternoons just haven’t happened.  So I was really looking forward to this one.  I’d been extra disciplined all week, this morning’s orders all went smoothly and were packed and ready to go by noon.

I sat down ready to really enjoy myself.  Sketch book out, notes galore, music on, dog snoring gently in the corner of the studio.  Especially eager to finally come up with a plan for one particular little embroidered sketch of an idea that I keep going back to.



So what did I achieve? Absolutely nothing.  I’ve drifted from this to that.  Struggling to concentrate, unable to focus.   Frustrated with the time lost.  I’m calling it a day, shaking off the cobwebs and heading out with the dog and reminding myself that Thursday will come right round again next week.


THIS IS SO ME! I struggle with the same thing. When I have the time, and make time, to sit: nothing will come out of my hands. I’ll lose concentration so fast. And when you don’t have time… Inspiration always hits!
ps. beautiful photos!

Yes! That’s exactly it, I blame the moon! Actually in all seriousness, I think there is a pattern to it for me, definitely an ebb and flow and sometimes you just have to go with it.

I had a similar day, I wanted to get on with the new (to me) book and get to grips with the new shawl knitting. Neither of which happened, I could not get interested in the characters in the book and I kept losing my place in the knitting so it ended up a mess. So I had a cheese toastie for dinner with a cool glass of white wine and now I feel much better.
I hope that tomorrow will be better for you.

I like the idea of a cheese toastie and wine being the solution, I think a cheese toastie and wine can cure quite a few things! I’ve been so much more productive today, thank goodness. I did read an interesting article a while ago (no idea where) but it suggested that during those periods of being unable to focus it was best to stop trying, switch off, do something else and most importantly don’t feel bad about it. Creativity and productivity are sometimes things which just need to come in waves.


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