Families are messy

Family Love Stories

I do have some of those studio portraits. My daughter in a velvet dress, my son in a check shirt. They are well lit and airbrushed to perfection. They hang on the wall and we walk past them daily. There is a place for them. But they do not make my heart sing.

The pictures we treasure, the ones we just cannot get enough of, the ones our children keep pulling out of boxes year after year. The ones we laugh and cry over. Those are the pictures that really matter. And we need to make sure we have them and that we are all right there in them. Captured right there, in that moment in time. The untidy corners of our everyday love stories.

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The Possibilites

An Adventure



An everyday adventure. Take me to your favourite place - the beach, a field, the woods or even your local park. A short, relaxed session, the kids can get muddy, you can even bring the dog. Session fee includes 1-1.5 hours shoot time, an online proofing gallery and digital slideshow of your best moments.

day in the life family photography

A Slice Of Life



Your everyday family story captured. A mini day in the life session documenting your wonderful ordinary moments. Bake cakes, read books, have a lego competition. I will document the memories you make. Session fee includes 4-5 hours shoot time, online proofing gallery and digital slideshow of magical moments.

Family Film



Imagine if could freeze time for a few minutes. The way his eyes gazed at you while nursing, the way her tiny hand felt inside yours. The sparkle in their eyes. The twirling, jumping, thumb sucking and the tickles. A keepsake film to freeze time for a few minutes and hold in your heart forever.

boy carrying surf board into the sea

because the ordinary moments are ones we need to hold tight

Family Stories


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The bookworms, the tiny foodies, the tree climbers, the dog walkers, the muddy knees and dirty faces, the old, the young and all the inbetween.

What does a package include?

because everyday magical moments matter

Session fees cover my shooting time and the editing and delivery of your online proofing gallery and digital slideshow.

It really matters to me that you print your pictures and I offer a small, carefully chosen range of products including the most beautiful heirloom album and archive quality prints. I am very happy to guide you through these products and would be thrilled if you chose to order from me, but if choose to simply purchase digitals then that is absolutely fine. Just please, please, do print them. The magic of sitting at the kitchen table and leafing through a box of photographs will never, ever be replaced by digital images.